high off robaxin There are two topics here.

The first part, titled ‘That’s entertainment’ is about writing for plays and films (or movies). The second, ‘Business presentation’ is to do with writing for conferences and speeches.

how to buy Misoprostol without a prescription That’s entertainment.

‘Scriptwriting’ or ‘Screenwriting’?  – It’s scriptwriting for plays and screenwriting for films/movies.

One book that you should buy for writing screenplays is ‘Hollywood Format’. It’s a guide to the mechanics of writing; how to lay out your draft. Scene titles, description, straight dialogue, dual dialogue, noises off-screen and all the correct forms for presenting a professional screenplay. It’s not a how-to-write book, there is no advice on techniques or style but it is a reference for any question you may have on correct, professional layout.

Screenplays, video scripts, theatre plays, radio plays, all have different layouts and you should follow the appropriate form. Don’t expect the reader to indulge your artistic interpretation by free-forming your layout. It’s unprofessional and it’s insulting. Learn the correct form and use it. There’s plenty of software to help: Scrivener or WriteWayPro for novels, Final Draft or Movie Outline for screenplays; and special formats for radio or TV can be downloaded from the station’s website.

go site Business presentation:

Got a conference? Need a speech writer?

I have spent many years writing and presenting scripts for Corporate conferences. Most are monologues for a presenter but some are scripted scenes with two or more people written to promote a product or service. I love it, it’s a challenge and I learn so much about so many different businesses and the people who work there. Companies such as BT, Smith-Klein-Beecham, IBM and Fujitsu.

One thing I’ve learned, and it was repeated to me by a consultant in the music industry: ‘A consultant is someone you pay to tell you what you already know.’  – Far better that you present your own knowledge by yourself and not pay a professional presenter to say it; one who doesn’t have the same belief and background as you have.

Pay me instead. I will help you say it, put your words on paper or screen in such a way that you’ll be saying it your way. Naturally. I’ll even help with presentation techniques.

If you want to know more, complete the form below and send it.

You’ll be glad you did.

In the meantime, here are a few comments from my clients and production managers:

Hello Stephen, Oscar at conference was fantastic. I am doing a meeting in Glasgow in June and the symposium has a radio presenter and desert Island discs as a theme. I reckon you could give them a run for their money any day.

Thanks again for making it so memorable. I suggested they try Oscar in their Milan conference. Oscar in a conference is excellent, believe me! -All the best Jackie (Show producer)

Thanks a millions for making the Arcoxia conference so vibrant.

The client was very happy with the presentation and the opinion from D.S. was “Fabulous”

  Many thanks for what you did…. I have had feedback and Martin said the stand was “throbbing”. Goodness knows what Oscar was saying!

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