I’m collecting word matches that are  common in the English language. We use these quite often and every one of them has a meaning. If you know of any, use the contact form and I’ll add it to the list. Are there similar rhyming couplets in other languages? Let me know and tell me what they mean.

What a strange species we are, nor content with the formality of a dictionary-defined word, we create these fun combinations to add vibrancy to the language.

go here Dilly-dally (to waste time see url )       Willy-nilly (without any planning follow link )      Super-duper (very good, excellent )

Silly-billy (a foolish person)         Jiggery-pokery (something not quite honest)         

Hunky-dory (going very well, succeeding)       Higgledy-piggledy (disorganised)               

Easy-peasy (very easy, without effort)          Hurdy-gurdy (a fairground ride or musical box

Pitter-patter (describing a sound of rain or tiny objects hitting the ground)  

Hocus-pocus (magic, often implying it’s not believable)      Hurly-burly (disruption, noise, confusion)

Creepy-crawly (description of an insect)             Harem-scarem (disorganised thinking)                      

Hotsy-totsy (Right, perfect)        Okey-dokey (agreement, willingness to act, as in OK)           

Hoity-toity (rich or titled and behaves arrogantly)