Writing is not hard. I’ve heard time and again, descriptions about tears and sweat and the anguish of putting words on a page. The struggle and torment (yes torment) of creating a story for someone to read. Let’s get this outed. Writing is not hard. Brain surgery is hard, climbing a mountain is hard, getting all the constituents of a meal ready at the same time is hard. Writing is not. It’s easy. Writing this piece now, I’m typing directly on to the page and editing myself as I go along. I correct any speling mistaks as I go along and I make up the message or storyline as I write. Of course, I could do it better, I could search for the right word to convey my meaning and rearrange sentences to get a better flow but that is not ‘hardness’, that is me making life difficult. As long as I can convey a message that you, the reader can understand, I’ve done enough.

When we talk, we don’t pause the conversation to get it right, we mess up occasionally, we can say the wrong thing or we can say the most wonderful thing that anyone could hear, and we do it instantly. Do you backtrack your words and ask to say them again? Is a conversation edited at a party or in a bar? No, the best we can do is avoid saying something, holding back because it may be inappropriate, or babbling out our words as quickly as possible before they get lost. Otherwise we crack on with talking to each other, full of stumbles, bad grammar and pauses for thought but we keep the conversation going.

Writing is conversation on paper but from previous times when quill pens and parchment, or hieroglyphics on rocks, meant that what you wrote was what you got, we now have cut and paste, spell checkers, thesauruses (plural of thesaurus) ‘how-to-write’ advice books and too many rewrites. There are billions of words out there, writers producing material from the most banal and absurd to the most inspiring and uplifting and 99% of it you will never see because it’s out of your field or it’s ancient work. You think your work is so important, so special that is needs to be corrected and adjusted until it’s perfect? There is no perfect. There is no best when it comes to art. There is only appreciation.

Writing is not hard. Don’t make it so. Try quantum physics, that’s hard. Just write your stuff and let it join all the other stuff in the world. (see, I’ve used stuff twice because I can’t think of anything better right now but it will do) Time’s moving on, don’t miss your slot. Most people won’t see it anyway.